Need Help ATI drivers ubuntu 13.10 - Quad 7990 setup
Since you installed the server version, did you go back and manually install Xorg? That would certainly be one reason why the X server version cannot be detected.

Also, per the release notes for AMD Catalyst, the AMD driver is only supported on Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04. Ubuntu 12.04 is highly recommended since it is an LTS release. You can make it work on 13.10, but it is unsupported and it will be a pain in the ass. And since it's not an LTS release you'll have to rebuild the box in a year when 13.10 reaches EOL.

You know, you just asked me in PM like two days ago which distribution to use, and I pointed you to the Hashcat wiki on setting up a headless Linux server. It doesn't look like you've followed any of that guide. I would highly recommend following the guide step-by-step until you at least become familiar with how this all works.

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