Need Help ATI drivers ubuntu 13.10 - Quad 7990 setup
(11-18-2014, 06:37 PM)forumhero Wrote: Can you elaborate on the BIOS reading RAM profile? Not too familiar with the concept. thx

I didn't know about it until last week either. Apparently for 'exotic' machines such as the ones used for gaming or cracking passwords, it is imperative that the motherboard "be in-sync" to a higher precision to the installed RAM. This high precision synch-up is not so noticeable in normal computers (those that don't have fast GPUs).

Having said that, I still think the bug that epixoip mentioned shows its head, but MUCH LESS often. With the timing profile changes, I can easily crack easily for at least 5 to 6 hours sometimes 14 hrs strait as opposed to 5 to 10 minutes as before the motherboard timing profile change.

I don't have an exact screenshot to show you but I have the approximate area of where in the BIOS of my motherboard (msi z87 mpower) is the setting I am talking about (photo below). I would suggest, in your case, turn off your PC, DE-static yourself, pop the RAM out and to get the make/model and speed. Pop it back in, boot into BIOS, and try to navigate to a place where you see similar settings in your BIOS as you see in the photo below and see if you recognize your RAM's make/model being displayed anywhere. If/Once you do, then make sure to "ENABLE" (different for each motherboard) the profile to be read in (as it was in my case). For those unlucky people that no profile exists burned into the motherboard, then you will have to manually (I can't help you here) enter the information. The profile, saves you from doing that.

Did that make a little sense? I wish I could be more helpful, It's just that I'm a software person and I'm learning hardware as I go along.
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Good luck!

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