+55 minutes in Generating Dictionary for 194GB
@Philsmd (as always) Thank You !!

I was aware that was not possible, but sometimes due I am a newbie, I need to have encouragement from whom is better than me in that field; so once again thank you.

I kindly ask to share my point of view that is not pretty much technical but I like (a lot) to talk and share with people that have a smart attitude in analyze context, semantic and meanings of this.

So please apologize if I slightly got a little bit outside technical aspects.

I have received a consultancy by which was asked to me to send just the first 80 bytes of the encseed because through that way their cracking system would be able to find the password but not able to move funds of the wallet due the lack of the entire seed. From my point of view I have two kind of analysis.

Social Analysis
1) The consultant is trying to start to gain information little-by-little for steal to me the entire encseed, the passwords and then he will take the whole wallet.
1) He will not be able to take more informations than I'll give him after 80 bytes and also with only 80 bytes he can not retrive the whole encseed, so would be a huge waste of time

2) He is aware of a method (unknown?) by which he can crack the password and then he trusts me that once he give me back the password I'll pay his fee
2) Ok, he has a unknown method for password cracking...and it is can be for sure. The good news is that the point relies only to me (and obviously I pay!)

So taking in consideration the point 1 and 2, logically I would have no reason to give him 80 bytes of the encseed.
Do you agree or my logic is completely wrong or (better) there are logical flaws in it that I can patch ?

Always thank you in advance.

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