Distribute calculations and "verification" hashes
Hello. I'm trying to recover a hash using brutforce method.

I was planing to slice big task into number of smaller Chunks. After that set a -s "Skip" and -l "Length" values.

After reading documentation more closely (and a few hundreds of "Restore value is greater than keyspace" errors, or the other way around), I recovered --keyspace value for my task and tuned -s "Skip" value to the new one.

All seems to work great until I tried to add some verification hashes.
For each Chunk i want to provide a number of hashes within combinations range to control execution. 

The problem is, Hashcat takes this combinations list kind of randomly. You cant set "Skip" to 50% of keyspace value and expect Hashcat to start from 2500000000 to 50000000000 of my combinations one by one (aa, ab, ac, ...) and so on. Hashcat "Candidates" each time looks something like this "1Sjqy1 -> cxlyxx", but with its own logic.

Please tell me how can I generate verification hashes using keyspace as a reference to control chunk execution? Is there a way to calculate them without runing hashcat program?

Thank you.

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Distribute calculations and "verification" hashes - by Kichee - 08-21-2017, 06:55 PM