Low GPU utilization and how to cope with it
Hi all,

I am using hashcat in hybrid mode (mode 7) on hashes that I know represent emails.
On the left side, I am using a mask file, with multiple masks. This mask file changes for each hash (it 
contains first name, last name, combinations of those, etc.). On the right side, I use a wordlist of common domain names.

Because of the fact that the mask file changes for each hash (different first name last name combos), I am starting hashcat anew for every hash. I used some NodeJS scripts to function as wrapper for that. That works.

At each invocation however, hashcat is mentioning that I am not providing the GPU with enough work. 

I have read the FAQ entry about providing more work here: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=fre...full_speed
I have tried these approaches to increase the GPU utilization:

1. increasing the amount of masks and increasing the amount of domains - didn't help
2. instead of using a hybrid attack with masks and domain lists, I tried to accomplish the same using multi rules. Creating the multi rules worked fine, but running it still leads to the same / similar low GPU utilization

Ergo, I am at a loss how to keep the GPU occupied. Does the root of the problem perhaps lie in the fact that I am starting hashcat for one by one hashes, instead of a long hashcat file. Any help is much appreciated, thank you.
Some background info: I am using hashcat inside Docker that has OpenCL.

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