Low GPU utilization and how to cope with it
(01-05-2019, 05:28 PM)philsmd Wrote: can you give some examples of what the left and right part look like in the hybrid attack.

Thanks Phil, it indeed helps if I give an example command:

hashcat -O -m 0 -a 7 -o /var/crackedHashes eb54efeb0659cbbe080a2a8280b52d5d /var/commonLocal.hcmask /var/commonDomainsMasked

see this paste for the mask file:
and this one for the domains:

The -a 7 takes proper care of merging the mask on the left side, with the various domain names on the other sides.
The command works and leads to hashcat cracking hashes, but my concern is performance, and hashcat indicates this as well:

"The wordlist or mask that you are using is too small.
This means that hashcat cannot use the full parallel power of your device(s)."

Hope this clarifies. I know I am doing something 'wrong', but I can't figure out how to fully utilize the available resources.

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