Low power CPU
I have a couple of repurposed mining rigs with some very weak procs, a celeron and a pentium, each with 6 1070s on pci1x risers.

Without sizeable rules, the gpus starve out pretty fast on fast hashes, otherwise they work really well. When I start getting into inline candidate generation (prince, pcfg) CPU performace starts being a factor pretty quickly with my gutless processors, although again, big rulesets help a lot.

Coming from my situation to yours; a single GPU on a 16x bus; I'd guess an i3 would give you enough grunt to run inline tools and keep the 1080 busy without breaking the bank or popping breakers. But if you're mainly just going to be running masks and hucking wordlists in you could probably go even lower into a pentium or celeron.

That said, when the procs are idle, non of them draw very much power anyways.

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