Feasible method of cracking long, randomised passwords?
(07-07-2020, 08:28 PM)philsmd Wrote: no, mask attack would be MUCH, MUCH faster if you just try "random passwords". every operation involving the disk would slow it down tremendously as already explained above when we compared -a 3 with -a 0/1/6/7

but this depends a lot also on the hashing algorithm. we distinguish fast and slow hash types in general, one that can be considered raw or non-iterated and salted hashes versus hashes which have a lot of iterations or a high cost factor

-m 12500 = RAR3-hp for instance has 262144 (0x40000) iterations, so it's technically already considered a slow hash type

I remember reading about the difficulties of cracking encrypted RAR archives because it is such a slow algorithm. I'm guessing the exception you mentioned earlier doesn't apply to RAR algorithms? So -a 0 + rules aka jumbling up already cracked passwords would be the way to go as I suspected in the first place?
If so, can you give a few general tips regarding which rules would be useful to me? Or point me in the right direction what kind of rules to read up on for my case?

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