Looking to crack password on AppleSecureNote
(08-03-2020, 11:59 AM)womble Wrote:
It means that you need to pass the location of the file that contains the secure note data (which is probably somewhere on your system named NoteStore.sqlite) as an argument to the script.  Try running

find ~ -name NoteStore.sqlite

then if that finds something, use that as the argument and see where it gets you.

(08-03-2020, 12:01 PM)philsmd Wrote:
you need to specify the path to the "NoteStore.sqlite" SQLITE file within the command line (that is exactly what the Usage says).

The script doesn't work without specifying the sqlite file within the same command

e.g. open a new shell (bash) and navigate to the folder where securenotes2hashcat.pl is stored:

perl securenotes2hashcat.pl /Users/philsmd/Desktop/backup_of_NoteStore.sqlite

The "/Users/philsmd/Desktop/backup_of_NoteStore.sqlite" path needs of course be adapted to the location of the "NoteStore.sqlite" that you used (or as mentioned above a copy/backup of it).

Thx for your quick answers , I try it and I think I finally have hash of 4 elements : 

(base) MacBook-Pro-de-poutreBA-2:Desktop poutreBA$ perl securenotes2hashcat.pl NoteStore.sqlite
Use of uninitialized value in unpack at securenotes2hashcat.pl line 28.
what is the best method to find the passwords? Bruteforce?


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