Hashcat + wlangenpmkocl how to convert back to plaintext ?
(02-23-2021, 01:30 AM)ZerBea Wrote: Running wlangenpmkocl as super user (sudo) is not a good idea and absolutely not necessary.
Option -A is a good idea, because you'll get the PMK and the PSK. In combination with the ESSID you have all parts of the PBKDF2 algo.

Using different kinds of rules and masks (also in hybrid mode) is a very good idea on word lists, but not on a PMK list.

I'm doing this by:
capture traffic -> hcxdumptool
convert hash and data of PROBEREQUESTs -> hcxpcapngtool (-o -E)
get raw word list from hcxpcapngtool -E -> hcxeiutool -s
feeding hashcat with hcxeiutool -s output
sort the list and run hashcat task on hash and wordlist

$ sudo hcxdumptool -i interface -o dump.pcapng --enable_status=1
for some hours
$ hcxpcapngtool -E trafficwords -o hash.22000 dump.pcapng
$ hcxeiutool -i trafficwords -s raw.list
$ hashcat --stdout -r "hcxessid.rule" cs.list | sort | uniq > word.list
$ hashcat -m 22000 --nonce-error-corrections=0 hash.22000 word.list

nonce-error-corrections=0 because I trust in hcxdumptool/hcxpcapngtool and expect no packet loss.

NC is explained here:
and referenced here, too:

Here you can find the successor of wifite:

ahhhhhhh f******** lol You just reminded me I forgot to cat/cut no wonder I'm not finding anything goddamnit. UGHHHHH.
Gonna slice up the PMK and try again.

cat PMK-FILE | cut -d ':' -f 1 > HASHCATOUTPUT.pmk

Laugh it's ok.

EDIT: Once I finish this experiment I'm trying your method from the step before as well we're gonna try the 22k with this. Let's see what happens when the cat cut's done. Ugh hope this doesn't take as long to build as the pmk. Oh that wasn't so bad 15 minutes to cat cut. Now I'm really gonna make you laugh. Is there a way to make CUT command use multiple CPU ? GPU doesn't seem necessary I think the editing is well within acceptable time frame.

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