Hashcat + wlangenpmkocl how to convert back to plaintext ?
Well, no problem. I have become a little bit "occupationally blind", too. Worked too long in that business.

BTW: Some words about hcxdumptool and hcxtools.
They are designed to be a WiFi pre-processor to hashcat (because hashcat doesn't provide this feature) and JtR (because JtR doesn't provide this feature, too).
They are more analysis tools than "cracking" tools and you must(!) have more than only basic technical knowledge. That include RF technology, 802.11 protocol (and protocol analyzer Wireshark/tshark), Linux (device driver and device handling, system services) and hash algorithms.

They are definitely not designed to be used by beginners or "script kiddies". If someone needs a script of about 1500 lines to do such a simple thing like setting monitor mode (installing pure K A L I and/or running 50.000 stupid deauthentications against an ACCESS POINT is far, far from enough, here) - he/she shouldn't use hcxdumptool/hcxtools.

But if you really know, what to do (starting from an attack vector tailored to the target, converting/and filtering the results tailored to the target and feeding them to hashcat/JtR), they can do magic.

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