Beginner needs binary help for videogame!
Hi there! I'm very new at all this hash stuff but I'm really in need of some help. There's a video game developer that has been slowly releasing bytes of binary out that will eventually form a clue as to the title of the unreleased game.

I now have the full binary code.

Here's the full message using Bear in mind, this is not the decoded message, just the original binary in it's different forms. The message itself has been encoded and that's the part I'm having trouble with. I've been advised it could be an 8x8 bitmap image or it is perhaps possible to write a simple program to decode it. Problem is, I'm not a programmer and no nothing of C or C++. Please help!

Binary: 0000000101001001101001111100001000010110110100000011010100000100


01 49 a7 c2 16 d0 35 04


1 73 167 194 22 208 53 4

To be perfectly honest, I'm just a beginner and am admittedly a bit lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated!