Bitcoin wallet hashes
What is the best hardware to attack bitcoin wallet hashes? It seems that from a v100 to a 3080 to a 3090 has little difference so I feel like something else must be limiting it, if correct, what is that?

Do you see a better way to attack it now or in the next 5 years through use of fpga etc?

I use 2080ti but there are different speeds for different wallets. It might have to do something with the algorithm itself. I have not done the test yet, but will do when I find time. I got an old T420, and will try to encrypt a wallet with the same password as with my 5600X CPU. I remember have red about, the CPU speed does play a role when creating the BTC wallet password. But consider this as not sure. Maybe someone will answer who knows better.

If the BTC belongs to you, why not wait another years.

kind regards
Different speeds because each wallet encrypted with different number of iterations. Older wallets used 10-30k newer are using 100+k .
So yeah, much better speeds with old wallets.
This explains the seep of 80kh/s with 2x2080ti on 10k BTC wallet, and 25k on the 340BTC wallet :-D
(05-02-2021, 08:27 AM)Centurio Wrote: This explains the seep of 80kh/s with 2x2080ti on 10k BTC wallet, and 25k on the 340BTC wallet :-D

Oh god, not these again. The "10k btc" wallet (1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK) that gets passed around is almost surely forged or corrupted, iirc there's a known password for it that simply errors out even though its "successful". It's been floating around for years. I wouldn't waste your time on any of the popular "high value" bitcoin wallet files that are being shared. Most are either fake/forged or have been around long enough and run by enough people to give up on them.
Yeah, this is what I tought as well. My firend wanted me to to try it and evend paied me 2 2080ti a while ago :-)

I told him he would be better off mining with the 2 cards. He then gave me the 18BTC wallet to crack. I think as well it is all scam. Alltought little chance exit some could be real.
I fully understand that some have a lot more iterations than others. My question was more targeted towards hardware that can attack it faster than is currently possible. I wasnt sure for instance that RAM mattered when attacking bitcoin wallets or CPU. And the gpu was being bottlenecked. Also if fpga was an option.