Looking for hashcat kernel dev PAID
Looking for a hashcat dev that can code a hashcat kernel.

Hash type is Bcrypt(Bcrypt($Pass))

The important thing is to use the same salt and same amount of irritations on both bcrypts !

Password: Hashcat

Hash: $2a$10$ayf3TVbTajnRQT//RCPlTumo1XJlY9v/sBogLLgTTZ.8b0lzYZD3S

Salt: ayf3TVbTajnRQT//RCPlTu

Bcrypt(Password): $2a$10$ayf3TVbTajnRQT//RCPlTudgDvomf9YxgHAIiUUyoP3.1l8vapl5i

Bcrypt(Bcrypt($Pass)): $2a$10$ayf3TVbTajnRQT//RCPlTumo1XJlY9v/sBogLLgTTZ.8b0lzYZD3S

I'm willing to pay 50-100$ crypto.