De-ruling a wordlist
I have a large word-list i'd like to reduce and will be running best64 rule against this list, so i would like to remove those candidates before-hand because they will be generated anyway during cracking. Is there a script to remove all the best64 edits beforehand? like de-ruling a word-list file?

Only thing i found was this one

Has anything else has been created or added to hashcat recently for this sort of functionality?
short answer

for fast hashes this type of logic to decline paswords would slow down more than the time you would save

longer answer:
use hashcat in std-out mode to get all generated pw-candidates (beware this could end up huge) and afterwards use sort words | uniq > uniq.txt to get only the uniq pws

BUT keep in mind, rules are used and acting as amplifiers, using a smaller wordlist with rules can be "faster" than just using a huge wordlist (because of rules applied on the gpu if im right)
Rurasort is the one I'm aware of as well.

It's a tricky problem, because different combinations of rules and/or base words can produce the same results, so deriving the originals can be non-trivial.