Truncated MD5 to plaintext possibilities
I have an odd situation here. I have a few thousand partial MD5 hashes (first 6 characters), and I know that the plaintext is 10 lowercase hex digits (0000000000-ffffffffff). This basically comes out to a trillion MD5 hashes. Also because they are truncated MD5 hashes, there are going to be several possible matches.

So, I am curious with my 3080, if I can provide in the partial MD5s (first 6 characters) and the criteria of 10 lowercase hex characters, if hashcat can give me the list of possibilities?

There's no stock support for this in hashcat - it would be doable, but would require a custom kernel.
As this would be a special case scenario, it's doubtful it will be added.

You can code this manually and do yourself if you can code, even just using CPU. Will take longer, but only a day or two.
I only know some scripting languages, so would have to hire someone. No idea how long of a project it would be, or how much I should charge.

a quick google, seems to say that hashcat is written in assembly?
Disregard, I went elsewhere. Post can be closed/locked