Replacing BtcRecover with Hashcat for Multiple GPUs
Hello Everyone,
i reached a dead end with BTCRecover trying to run multiple GPU Rigs from, not only this but using a single rig with 8x RTX3090 that gave me weak performance for no reason.

Anyway, i have read that Hashcat can use a third party like hashtopolis to do that, i have followed their instruction with success until i reached a block trying to call the main page via browser, i even hired a technical expert without success. they told me is not allowing their ips to be published online so i can use their instance ip to call hashtopolis from the browser and take it from there. is that correct? if not how to do it?

Just to clarify that hashcat can do what i am thinking of which is combining multiple GPUs power in one single task:

4 instances X (8 RTX 1080ti GPUs) so will have roughly the power of 32 GPUs right?

Really appreciate your support.