Rules with multibytes characters
Hi everyone.

I was reading the doc about rules in the wiki and I was surprised to learn that "rules that use the 'p' character position code only works using the '-j' or '-k' command-line options".

I'd like to create a file containings many rules to automate the replacement of characters by multibytes characters, for instance, replace the first occurence of "e" with "é", which should be achieved with such a rule: '%1e Dp ip\xa9 ip\xc3'.

I would be very glad to know if any of you know how to achieve this. Only solution I can think of is parsing my wordlists and replacing the characters... That could make huge files.

As a side note, I'd also like to know if the 'sXY' function can be used with these kind of hexadecimal strings: '\xc3 \xa9'.
the 's' rule should work, but only with a single hex byte


replaces e with E

I think for the rest you are better of using something like a pre-computation, like the sed command etc... it's not supported to use multi-bytes... but you can append for instance with 2 '$' commands:

$\x31 $\x32