Collider (9810) support for oldoffice$4?

are oldoffice$4 hashes by now supported by the collider mode -m 9810? AlllĀ  hashcat versions prior to 6.0.0 reject $4 hashes with a "signature unmatched" message, but all versions starting with 6.0.0 accept them.

Did I miss something in the hashcat 6.0.0 release notes or is this just a mistake?

I just tried a $4 hash with the collider mode, which was exhausted, so I guess, its rather the latter one.

$4 hashes should not be accepted by the collider mode because they use a different key length and are therefore not vulnerable to the collision attack. I will take a look and see if this was a bug introduced in a recent version.
Hey Chick3nman, wondering if that is a bug or not. Running now -m 9810 on a oldoffice$4 hash and hashcat accepts it.
hashcat version v6.2.5