Blockchain v1 wallet.aes.json issues

I've read on this site and others about using hashcat to gain access to old wallet.aes.json files. I have a few from 2012,2013 when I was tinkering with bitcoin and I'm trying to see if I can find any funds from them. Likely not but worth a try.

I have looked at btcrecover but since I don't really know anything of the password I came across hashcat.

With the wallet.aes.json file I have tried using the python script '' and made a wallet.hash file that I am attempting to feed to hashcat.

If I specify the mode of 12700 
hashcat.exe -m 12700 wallet.hash
I get 'Signature unmatched'

If I specify no mode at all 
hashcat.exe wallet.hash
I get 'no hash-mode matches the structure of the input hash'

If I try the wallet.aes.json file directly like:
hashcat.exe -m 12700 -a 3 -O -w 3 wallet.aes.json --show
I get 'Separator unmatched'

The first few characters of the 'wallet.hash' file is:


I'd like to ask for some thoughts on this as to what I'm doing wrong and how best to attack the problem since I'm confused on how to progress.

Thanks in advance.
take a look at

example hash for mode 12700 starts with -> $blockchain$288$542005582723173071...

so delete this wallet.aes.json: in front and try again
You dont need the password to see the funds in a wallet.  Extract the wallet address(es) and search the blockchain