Hello everybody, good morning. My name is Rama and I am new to this forum.For days I have been trying to crack the password of a .rar file in wich I saved the backup of my laptop. To this .rar I put a password, wich I do not remember

Checking the Internet I came to this forum, but I don't know what version of hashcat I should install on my desktop PC. Could someone guide me?

Thank you very much

My PC data: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 32GB of RAM DDR4 and MSI 3060 Ti Gaming X
what version? how about the most recent one? 6.2.4 see
first line ist download

second you will need another thirdparty program called john the ripper (its also an password cracker) and there you will need rar2john or zip2john to extract the hash from your file

just read the wiki for basic understanding how hahscat works