a help for specific reduced charset needed

I am new to hashcat, I read tutorials, but not able to build an efficient command form my needs.

I have a hash where I forgot my password that need to recover. Instead of including big charsets, better try something much more smaller:

eg I remember that my password is combination of 'google.com' lower and uppercase but not only, where first char may be g or G, second o or O or 0(zero).. sixth may be . or , or nothing (googlecom).

1. Can I do it quickly with hashcat ?
2. i am not sure, but that password may be or 'yahoo.com' with tha same combinations: first char y or Y, second a or A or @, etc.. like above. There are less than 15 of these type of passwords that I used in the past at 99,99%.
Can I make a personal dictionary of  these passwords and their variations like above ?
if you have really such a good clue about your password, yeah building up an own dictionary would be the fastest possibility and combine this with rules

basic dict would be
rules, see https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=rule_based_attack
toogle case
T1 and so on, you can also use combinations ( you can utilize hahscat and --stdout to help you combining)
T0 T1
hashcat.exe --stdout -a 3 -1 0 -2 123456789 "T?1 T?2"
T0 T1
T0 T2
T0 T4
T0 T3
T0 T6
T0 T9
T0 T5
T0 T7
T0 T8
you can redirect >> these into a file and any other combinations you like
delete the dot

and any combinations of these rules ( i think a good editor will help)