question regarding brain and "seed" functionality
playing around with brain again after some time and stumbling about this

I'll add a standalone hashcat brain seeding tool later which enables you to easily push all the words from an entire wordlist or a mask very fast. At this time you can use the --hashcat-session option to do so with hashcat itself

and this part

The client calculates the hashcat brain session based on the hashlist entries, to efficiently let a high number of salts work for us. You can override the session calculated with --brain-session, which makes sense if you want to use a fast hash in order to "seed" the hashcat brain with already-tried wordlists or masks.

first question, was this standalone seeding tool ever released?
second question, is this --hashcat-session in the first codeblock a typo? shouldnt it be --brain-session as mentioned in block2?

third question, how is the second codeblock meant, or how to "seed" hashcat brain with already tried wordlist/masks, can someone give an example workflow (command line) for this? -> lets assume i have a hashlist with 1000 md5 hashes (fast), i tried my basic masks a lot of wordlist and was able to crack 999 of them but the last hash kicks ass, i "forgot" to use brain from the beginning, how can i "seed" these allready done work to hashcat brain? or did i get the second block totally wrong?