8-pin PSU problems
Hi guys,

I'd previously asked for some advice here in selecting a GPU for my needs and got some great advice. Thanks!. I've decided to go for the 3080ti to put into my Dell Precision 7810 tower.

I'm running an 825W PSU which I believe is sufficient (http://www.parts-country.com/products/de...ef-02-psu/). However, the 3080ti requires 2 x 8-pin connections which is causing me a few issues.

One of the 8-pin connectors can be made from 2 x 6pin that I have spare. That's the first 8-pin covered.

I'm struggling for the second however. This article https://www.dell.com/community/Precision...-p/7755130 does a good job of explaining things, but I'm not sure I'm fully understanding it.

I'd upgrade my PSU but the 1300W model I need isn't available anywhere. My question is, would buying a second PSU (ATX or any other form factor) and using this to exclusively power the 3080ti work? Could I just ditch my current PSU completely and buy an ATX PSU?

Thanks in advance!
If you have 6 pin PCIE you have 8 pin PCIE.  The only difference is that a 12V is supplied to the last 2 pins for newer cards. Just grab a 6pin to 8pin adapter and call it a day. Otherwise, you CAN buy a 2nd PSU and strictly run that for your graphics cards but 800W should be more than sufficient for that card. 

Check your marketplace for this product:


And if you go with a new PSU you'll just need to jump start it by shorting 2 pins.
[Image: PSU_Paper_Clip_Test_5.png?6499392961276325200]
I have a 3080ti with a 650w that sometimes switch off due to high load, so I'm gonna upgrade it. Is 850w enough? At the wall I'm seeing 550w. Would 850 be enough?