Making a cracking rig
Hi there,

I'm getting interested in cracking, and would like to start mounting a dedicated cracking rig.
At first I would like to start with one or two GPU, then climb up to 4/5 for now.

About the hardware, would you have any advice to give me ? I would buy used GPU on ebay or other websites, I don't know which GPU would have the best hashing speed per dollar spent right now in used market. 

I checked the 2080ti which seems to be nice, about 400/450$ each for a 50GH MD5, while 1080ti sits at 250$ for 30/35GH. I only checked the 5700XT on AMD side since I got this one on my current desktop, but it seems that the 1080ti is still cheaper for its speed.

Apart taking blower coolers, would you have any specific advice for me ?
For people here that mounted this kind of rig, is it profitable to use it on websites such as ?

Thank you for your advices Smile
Thank you, I came across this article, gonna read it. I was wondering specifically about the GPUs as of now, what would you guys recommend as being a good value for this usage.
Thank you. So it looks like 1080 ti or 2080 ti would be nice.
(10-13-2022, 11:59 AM)ganon551 Wrote: Thank you. So it looks like 1080 ti or 2080 ti would be nice.
I think it's a kind of investment, so that you should research things and make a decision based on your calculation. I builded a rig last year for 4*3080 and calculated costs for hardware (different CPU sockets, different GPU) and costs for rig running (about 1,5 kW per hour). Then I calculated things for different hash types (my primary target are Windows hashes like NTLM/NTLMv2) and the 3080 was one of the cards with best cost/hashes ratio.
There is also a more actual guideline for rig setup: Password Village Rig setup
Just my opinion.