Anyway I can crack a linux mint password?
Ok, I gotta make sure I explain this good, Or someone may call the police.

About 2 years ago I installed mint in my computer, shortly after, my computer, (minus the hard drive) unfortunately died

Without a X86 computer, I couldn't boot into the os, and with time, I forgot the main user password, I now got medium access to the drive (using hashcat with an arm64 board, no, it isn't fast, it's very painful actually, but that's what I have)

Any way I can get the password from the mint drive? I may probably have full access to a X86 just for me, but there are still some files I get to catch and probably a few passwords and user data

Any help is very welcomed Big Grin
You need to crack the hash typically stored in /etc/shadow.
Find it, compare and format it as described here, and finally try to crack it with Hashcat.
If the drive is not encrypted just mount it and read the data.
You can also easily chroot and reset the root password.

If it's LUKS encrypted look here: LUKS Support