looking for a new PSU, what's recommended?
Hi, recently started hascat-ing with a 3080ti and a Bronze 80+ power supply with just 650w, after few minutes PSU turns off. I don't wanna start a fire or break something so better off buying another PSU.
What would be the bare minimun for this GPU? and brand recommended over another?

Min 800W
Hmm, I still feel your 650 should be adequate because the TDP on a 3080TI is only 350W. Also will depend on what else is equipped in the system I suppose. But I've ran a 3090 on a 550W with powerlimit at 80% using 350W no issues. To me it sounds like your PSU is faulty or has really bad 12V rails.

Eitherway, I have several components running on EVGA Series 80Plus Gold/Platinum/Titanium and have never had an issue. They get some good deals on refurbish units directly on their website and still provide decent warranty. Cannot complain with them.
Thanks for suggestions.
The thing is that maybe my 650w could handle the 3080ti with power limit, but I dont want to burn anything or astart a fire. Thats why I wanna buy something reliable. Over the years I've realized that nothing is so demanding as Hashcat on hardware.