How would I go on getting hashes from a Windows 10 Online account?
I tried using samdump2, mimikatz and several others and cracking tools always give me a blank password or it says that it can't identify them (crackstation for example).

Has anyone done this before?
Hashcat is not for hacking online accounts.
(05-09-2023, 10:01 AM)marc1n Wrote: Hashcat is not for hacking online accounts.

I mean it's not really an online account, it's just a Windows account with a Microsoft account linked to it (there is another kinda old post about this somewhere) I just need the password/PIN, but if it is not possible then no problem
You could try Passcape RWP, trial version can extract hashes.
This question has been asked already several times.
A nice tool for recovering NTLM hashes (including online accounts) would be