Restore.Point and --skip?
Question on Restore point and --skip:

So I was running a longer attack (RUN 1) using one approach while building out a more targeted dictionary.   Once I had the dictionary built, I pressed (c) as the status screen for a checkpoint exit. Being an idiot, after hashcat exited after reaching the checkpoint I pressed up arrow in the terminal and changed the dictionary of the previous command and forgot to change the session name (doh) starting (RUN 2).    

I have saved the output from where hashcat exited, which included the restore point 

Restore.Point....: x/y (z%)

Question:   if I reissue the same command used in RUN 1 adding --skip x (substituting the value in the restore point line, would this have the same effect as:

hashcat --resume --session SESSION_NAME

or are they different and I just need to rerun (RUN 1)?


I happened to have Markov disabled for these runs, if it's relevant.