New plugin - autotune fails, cuLaunchKernel, illegal memory access
Hi everybody,
I'm developing a new plugin and also want to contribute to upstream.
Currently it "works on my machine" Wink that uses an Intel UHD Graphics 620 on Ubuntu.
When I run it on Windows with dedicated GPUs like RTX 3080 or GTX 1050 I get several errors as soon as I remove the dev-recommended commandline arguments -n 1 -u 1 -T 1 - which disable autotune IIRC.

cuEventSynchronize(): an illegal memory access was encountered
cuMemcpyHtoDAsync(): an illegal memory access was encountered
cuLaunchKernel(): an illegal memory access was encountered
Device #1: skipped, due to kernel autotune failure (-5).
Aborting session due to kernel autotune failures, for all active devices.

Other built-in plugins are working correctly on Windows with dedicated GPUs, so it's not a windows-compile-error-something. 

Has anyone an idea about the cause and how to fix that?