hiprtcCompileProgram is missing from HIPRTC shared library
$ ./hashcat.exe -I
hashcat (v6.2.6) starting in backend information mode

hiprtcCompileProgram is missing from HIPRTC shared library.

i don't understand why
i've 6900xt AMD and rocm driver installed
first of all rocm isnt HIP, especially when it comes to the diff between linux and windows, normally hip should be part of rocm but depending on which os and how you installed things, yeah it can be a mess

how and what do you installed? i think you are missing the HIP SDK on windows

next AMD GPU and HIP under windows is known to make some trouble (there is a thread about this somewhere, but the problem was on the AMD side if i remeber correctly)

hip SDK for windows can be found here
Link has changed I guess https://www.amd.com/en/developer/resourc...p-sdk.html