How to crack 5kk md5 with rainbowtables?
Hello. Is rainbow tables really bad works with too big hash lists? 5-10kk md5 for example.
Or i found wrong realisation? For example, tried rcracki_mt last release. 20m for some pre-calculations for 1 hash. For 1 >_<
Try found GPU tools, but got only some alpha versions of tools which not working.
What i need? Check 5kk hashes by tables set.
Rainbow tables are only used rarely today, in very specific circumstances - when the list of hashes is very small, the length and composition / complexity of the plaintexts are known in advance, the plaintexts were randomly generated, and the timeframe is very tight (such as a pentest).

Hash cracking tools that run on GPU - hashcat, John the Ripper, etc. - are much better suited for attacking human-generated plaintexts, and for lists larger than a few hashes. You will get dramatically more cracks of such hashes using these tools.