Unusual “Scrypt” password hash from instant checkmate data breach
Good day everyone. I recently found my password from the instant check mate data breach, but it was hashed.

It was stated on instant checkmate’s website that the hash was created using the "scrypt" algorithm, but the experts I’ve talked to said that it's not a typical scrypt hash, and they can’t crack it.

I’ve tried using hashcat, and many other tools to crack this, but since it’s not written like a normal scrypt hash I’ve had  no luck.

Can you please take a look at this hash, and let me know what type of scrypt hash this is, and what did instant checkmate do to make it appear like this?

(Please note: this hash is not the original hash, it’s a slightly altered version to give you an example of how it looks. If you can help me, and would like to see the original hash, then email me, or send me a private message, thanks.)

The hash is below:

brmRZ38kBsjD43p/ qIw3eZ
Instant Checkmate and Truth Finder hashes unfortunately haven't been cracked yet, despite many people's attempts including my own. They are scrypt hashes but they have something else applied to them so they may be layered with other algorithms or they may have a cryptographic pepper applied, not sure
Thanks for your reply.