Chinese password
Good afternoon friends. Tell me how to configure a cat as efficiently as possible to crack a Chinese password))
there was a good blog entry on foreign languages, only available at wayback today

read this article and try to understand the problems

for short, hashcat works on bytesized objects, each chinese character is at least 3-4 bytes long, so when using bruteforce, your masks will be growing so fast running inevitable into a bufferoverflow, the first 2 bytes seems fixed, so you could reduce the keyspace a little bit, but this depends on the fact, that the input was encoded UTF-8 before hashing and was not using another possible codepacke for chinese characters

jfyi: in german there is the word öl (oil in english) the special char ö can be encoded as UTF-8 -> HEX C3B6 or Windows-1252 -> HEX F6, therefore you can produce 2 different MD5 Hashes for the same word, just depending on how the input was encoded and this could be a problem with chinese characters too