AMD 5570 & HD4650 can use them together was not?
I am using a VGA AMD HD_5570 and runs smoothly with oclhashcat. I have added to the system install AMD HD_4650. When I run in oclhashcat reported as it only get a VGA HD_5570.
5570 & 4650 can not be used together? linux or windows and any supported version of Catalyst for HD_4650?

I use both Linux and Windows, Catalyst 12.3 and 0.07 oclhashcat

I might be adding a HD_6770 AMD, whether HD6770 can be used with AMD_HD_5570 not?
There are two different things to mention.

1. Support for OpenCL for the hd4xxx series has been dropped by AMD, thats why your card isnt recognized.

2. Support for mixed GPU-types hd5xxx + hd6xxx works only with oclHashcat-lite, not with oclHashcat-plus. At least not on the same instance.
Thanked atom was explained to me.
Due to my budget so I can not afford outright purchase or 68XX HD_69xx to replace the HD_5570. If I use two HD_5570 on my PC to use oclhashcat-plus possible? So which version of 0.07 or 0.08 oclhashcat-plus will support multi-GPU?
two 5570 would work, but better buy a 5750. It is much faster than a 5570 and doesn't cost that much more. Does also work with your existing 5570.
Mixed GPU support added to latest version, thread closed.