oclHashcat-lite : New Feature : Internal benchmark
This new feature brings two new parameters:

* Benchmark:

  -b,  --benchmark                   Run benchmark
       --benchmark-mode              Benchmark-mode, see references below

Nothing much to explain here I think, but some notes to the benchmark mode:
  • As long as you do not set the --benchmark-mode you can modify all the configuration parameters you always use. Something like -d, -n, --gpu-accel or --runtime.
  • With --runtime you can specify the duration how long each test lasts.
  • If you add -m you can limit to a specific hash-type. If you do not set it, it will iterate through all hash-types.
  • All unneccessary parallel threads like hardware monitor, restore-support and outfile-watch are disabled. Also the quiet mode is enabled.
  • On NVidia, the hashes based on SHA256, SHA512 and DES are limited to -n 32, otherwise the driver throws the error cuStreamSynchronize() 702.

This features is planned for backport to oclHashcat-plus.
(06-08-2012, 10:49 AM)atom Wrote: This features is planned for backport to oclHashcat-plus.

I am looking forward to this bit !!! Big Grin

Please make it include 2500 = WPA/WPA2
ofc Smile