Windows versions of hashcat-utils
If any further proof were needed of my general incompetence, here it is !

I am certain this is down to me but I just cannot get any of the hashcat-utils .exe's to work in windows. All I get is "this is not a valid win32 application"

I am able to run the "statsprocessor" but I cannot run "hcstatgen.exe" whatever I do.

Is anyone else able to get any of the windows .exe's to work ?

Thank you.
install 64 bit windows :-)
@atom:: I always thought this... They don't support 32-bit, do they?
Sure, they would, I just did not expect someone still using 32 bit os. I can recompile them for 32 bit if you need.
Ah Ha !!

Soooo, I'm not quite as stupid as I thought ! Big Grin

I have struggled with the utilities before and just assumed I wasn't clever enough to work them. Now the new ones are out I had to try the "hcstatgen.exe".

I even checked the wiki.

Quote:The programs are available for Linux and Windows on both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures.

Well, I feel a little better about myself today, so it turned out good in the end.

atom, I would very much appreciate a 32bit version if it is easy to do, otherwise I am planning moving to Win7 64bit in the near future.

Its just this feature has been on my request list for so long I am quite excited to try it but as I say, don't waste any time on it if it is only me who will benefit.......I can't believe it, I am the last person in the world to use 32bit ha ha !

Download 32 bit here:
Download 64 bit here:
Thank you very much atom, it feels like my own personal copy !!! Smile