Problem Running oclhashcat trough SSH
Hey, i discovered this great tool trying to crack WPA.
I increased from around 4.300 words/sec with aircrack and dictionary to 79.000 words/sec using my 6950. That is great performance. 8 digit numbers from 8 hours to 20 mins.
i want to launch and monitor runs from work but i get this problem when trying to run oclhashcat trough ssh.

alejandro@desktop:~/wifi-crack$ /home/alejandro/Downloads/oclHashcat-plus-0.08/oclHashcat-plus64.bin -m 2500 -a 3 uma-crack/7304_1339952021.hccap ?u?l?l?d?d?d?d?d
No protocol specified
oclHashcat-plus v0.08 by atom starting...

Hashes: 1
Unique salts: 1
Unique digests: 1
Bitmaps: 8 bits, 256 entries, 0x000000ff mask, 1024 bytes
GPU-Loops: 128
GPU-Accel: 16
Password lengths range: 8 - 15
Platform: AMD compatible platform found
ERROR: ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1

Directly from the console in the target server, works great.
is there any environment variable o configuration to setup?

Also export DISPLAY=:0
X11 must be running, whatever you use it or not. You also need to run: "xhost +" on that X11 session. Otherwise you cant access it from SSH...
thanks for the answer guys!! regards