problem whit this character |
Hello, i triying to do this, but i thing that i have problem whit this character " | ", anybody can tell me how can i do???. Thank to every one.

oclHashcat-lite64.exe --hash-type 2611 ce1324b9d1a8f5a95526488e6968776e:?|M -1 ?l?d?s?u ?1?1?1

and response whit this:
"M" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo,
programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable.
this is a special shell character and therefore your shell causes this problem, not hashcat. You have to properly escape/quote.
Please, can you tell me how can i do this whit the escape/quote???

i Trying this, but no works:

oclHashcat-lite64.exe --hash-type 2611 ce1324b9d1a8f5a95526488e6968776e:?/|M -1 ?l?d?s?u ?1?1?1
On Windows: xe1xxxxxd1a8xxx95xx648xxxxxx77xx:?^|M
On Linux, probably: xe1xxxxxd1a8xxx95xx648xxxxxx77xx:?\|M
THank to all, i can resolve, is only put " before the caracter.