Merge tools ?
I have a question..

- I actually use hashcat to crack hashes wiht my CPUs, gives me about ~14M hashes/sec.
- I use oclHashcat on my Cuda nvidia geforce 8400 too. About 15M hashes /sec.

Why can't we use oclHash to use CPUs too ?
I mean, if I want to optimized my crack : I would like to use CPU AND GPU, so I have to lauch separately hashcat and oclhash.
Why there is not a tool which can do a crack on both ? Or why oclHascat can not use CPU in addition to GPU ?

Thank you.
i am not interessted in merging them. its easier this way.
OK thanks.
So the better way to use CPU + GPU is to launch each tool in parallel ?
sure, its possible
(09-15-2010, 09:26 PM)atom Wrote: sure, its possible

Sounds good Atom, can you give some clues in how to make this, please?

Thanks and keep the good work!
Launch openclhashcat with some attack + launch hashcat with some attack.
On windows, oclhc almost doesnt use CPU, so you can use hashcat with it, and causing no uneven resource distribution.