New ocl-lite new command line can give anyone example ?
Hi like in topic I see that lots change in v10 ocl-lite can Atom or other give sl3 command line example and how split work to few computers right now and how use this markov attack we need imei and result in file (more is better or what) to can work with this attack in sl3 ?
markov implementation wasn't meant to help in SL3.
The only part I think you should look at is:
--gpu-temp-disable            Disable temperature and fanspeed readings and triggers
--gpu-temp-abort=NUM          Abort session if GPU temperature reaches NUM degrees celsius
--gpu-temp-retain=NUM         Try to retain GPU temperature at NUM degrees celsius (AMD only)
If should not help even if got 100 000 results then what is a risone to change BF to Markov attack ?
Because atom got just under 2K results markov in not efficient for SL3. There was some people who talked about numbers like 100K but ... still nothing.
Ok then what he need ?
just the result, one per line. please email me the stuff
My freind send you his database more then 100 000 results give here or in beta test section info if anything help markov attack in sl3 with this database or still too low.
Yes I've got a list of 100k results but is it yours? I got it from Mr.Ultimate. Thats all I have. I've generated an .hcstat file out of it. I can send you the file if Mr.Ultimate approves.
He got this file from my freind I ask him today to send to you and he write me that he send already.
This file is from MSM cloud from person.
Any news from testers that markov work or not with special file??