getting error and lite doesn't run
when i run the current public release i get this:


C:\pentest\>oclHashcat-lite64.exe 9b957cc6ab97cbf88c4f6f0f146adafe
oclHashcat-lite v0.10 by atom starting...

Password lengths range: 1 - 55
Watchdog: Temperature abort trigger set to 90c
Watchdog: Temperature retain trigger set to 80c
Device #1: Redwood, 1024MB, 850Mhz, 5MCU

./WhAaRsNh:c aAtD.Lh_cOsvteartd:r iNvoe 5s_uFcahn Sfpieleed Ionrf od_iGreetc(t)o:r y-
Press any key to continue . . .

was on catalyst 12.4 when i got the error so upgraded to 12.6 but did not resolve.

current my laptop works with:
ocl-plus 0.09 public release
ocl-plus 0.08 public release

M15x laptop
win7 64bit
HD 6570M/5700 Series
Try again with --gpu-temp-disable
that worked. thank you