Resuming job

As someone suggested, i've started a new thread to ask for help on how to resume a job that's taking a big time...

I mean. is it possible to pause a job, shut down computer then in the next day, resume the session from the day before?

If this is possible, can anyone tell me how???
You should have read --help:
* Session:
       --runtime=NUM                 Abort session after NUM seconds of runtime
       --session=STR                 Define specific session name
       --restore                     Restore session from --session
       --restore-timer=NUM           Save restore file each NUM seconds
* Attack options:
       --pw-min=NUM                  Password-length minimum
       --pw-max=NUM                  Password-length maximum
  -s,  --pw-skip=NUM                 Start cracking at NUM
  -l,  --pw-limit=NUM                Abort cracking at NUM
I have read that but as a begginer as i am, i'm not very awere of what those options do!

So, if you could give a pratical example so that i can fully understand the options it could be of very use...