WPA restarting ten digit bruteforce
I have been playing with a wpa handshake file, testing out this process and seeing what my system can do. 2 gforce 570 in SLI i7 2600k and 16 gig ram.

Issue is I keep crashing the video driver end of the nvidia error code is 999. Anyways I just loaded the Cuda driver and hope that sorts the problems I have seen

Back to the question

ten digit number
last tried number was 3240345600
I would like to restart my bruteforce from where it left off.

Other than trying to figure out how to generate a word list for dictionary I have not read yet how to pick up a bruteforce from a specific starting point.

If you know how please respond.

BTW with on card i was seeing 36000c/s and with the second card 73000c/s numbers are approx

Thanks in advance, its neat to see my system pushed to its limits.

oclhashcat-plus does not have any option to resume.
seems I have one video card that keeps crashing, been playing with MP64 trying to break the values into smaller dictionary files.
broke the files into smaller pieces. Still crashing but smaller chunks makes it more manageable when it does fall over.