New version?

When will be the next update to 0.24?

Thank you atom, for beeing a great coder,
and all those others who helped you!

thanks :-) well, my plan is to release oclHashcat+ v0.01 first. oclHashcat+ is the new GPU based straight-dictionary cracker which focuses on cracking heavily iterated algorithms like md5crypt or phpass. the development on this is currently blocked by buggy ATI opencl runtime. until they release fixed version i can not continue on this since my multi-gpu development system is based on ATI.

Thanks for the news about oclHashcat...

& about HashCat ! ? no update ?

Thanks in advance,


no bugs known for hashcat
(09-30-2010, 07:32 AM)atom Wrote: no bugs known for hashcat

Thanks for your reply..

I trough thyere where some bug's & stay in the wait of an new version, but if you say not...i am ok.. =


this is a hashcat-gui issue and it has nothing to do with the release of hashcat v0.35. hashcat can run without the GUI.