That will be in the new version oclHashcat?
Hello Atom =)

Write please there will be in the new version support SHA-1(BASE64)?
You can convert it to hex format and use it right now.
I write a line oclhashcat.exe hash.txt --hash-mode=100 -1 ?l ?1?1?1 ?1?1?1
and have file, where i converted hash SHA-1(BASE64) to HEX.

oclhashcat write ERROR: no digestes loaded

what put option that worked?
Hmm, I made a SHA-1 of pass "dragon7" - 975e734980efc2a0cf3b3bb3bd6fde89469e86e7
Then I put it into a file hash.txt
Then I call Oclhc with this batch file(test.bat), which contains:
oclHashcat.exe -m 100 -n 80 --gpu-loops=1024 "hash.txt" ?l?l?l?l ?l?l?d
The pass is found and displayed in seconds.
I am stupid man =( I don't understand as works program =(
I have question....

1) I have string = 123456 , convert to Sha-1 = 7c4a8d09ca3762af61e59520943dc26494f8941b
Then I put it into a file hash.txt

oclHashcat.exe -m 100 -n 80 --gpu-loops=1024 "hash.txt" ?l?l?l ?l?l?l

and to screen Recovered =0

2) This hash Sha-1 = 7c4a8d09ca3762af61e59520943dc26494f8941b
i have only format SHA-1(BASE64) = fEqNCco3Yq9h5ZUglD3CZJT4lBs=

what worc program witch this hash??
By using the command: oclHashcat.exe -m 100 -n 80 --gpu-loops=1024 "hash.txt" ?l?l?l ?l?l?l
Your saying that you want 6 lowercase characters. If you want 123456 you would need ?d?d?d?d ?d?d
d = digits
l = lowercase

To convert sha-1(base64) use a site like - paste in the base64, example:fEqNCco3Yq9h5ZUglD3CZJT4lBs= Click base64 'Decode', then hex 'Encode' you should now have your regular sha-1 hash - 7c4a8d09ca3762af61e59520943dc26494f8941b