Earlier Maskprocessor for glibc 2.12 available?
Just getting started with maskprocessor-0.68 and I see it is linked against GLIBC_2.14, which is newer than RHEL 6.3 glibc 2.12. (They do like to take their time . . .)

Is an earlier version available? (I guessed a few versions at http://hashcat.net/files/maskprocessor-0.XY.7z but no joy.)

Thank you
Compiling a local copy of glibc 2.14 and starting mp with LD_PRELOAD seems to work fine.
LD_PRELOAD=/home/me/lib/libc.so.6 maskprocessor-0.68/mp64.bin

It might be nice though to have a glibc 2.12 version for RH / CentOS users who are stuck with an older glibc and save them from having to compile one locally.

Thanks for the great tools!