How to save cracking progress?
Hello Hashcat users!

My problem is that I don't know how to safe the cracking progress
in order to continue it later.
I know you can pause the process and later you can continue but without
closing the program. I am trying to stop the cracking process, reboot the
machine and later continue with it without losing the time spend before.

I didn't find a parameter or anything to do that...
Is it possible?

Thanks for all!

P.D.: I am using oclHashcat-plus with bruteforce.
You can not yet, its a feature that will be added later.
(09-01-2012, 04:59 PM)atom Wrote: You can not yet, its a feature that will be added later.

Thanks atom for your fast answer!
I will be waiting for it, because if you wanna crack
something "big" you can't just let the machine work
for 30 days! XD

And this improvement will open the gate of the distributed
cracking using more machines.
If you can safe the progress and make rang chains
(by hand of course) you can use the power of every
system you have at the same time.

I think It's not complicated to do, because the staff already
have implemented the "pause" option.

Thanks for this wonder! Smile

Dear Hashcat moderators.

Please, move this post to the correct sub-forum, "Feature Requests".

Thanks for all.

Resume / Restore support added to latest oclHashcat-plus version. Thread closed.