safe temperature?
Hi, I have two HD 7970 installed and the temperature rises to 88 degrees. Right now it's

HWMon.GPU.#1.: 85% Util, 84c Temp, 100% Fan
HWMon.GPU.#2.: 85% Util, 79c Temp, 51% Fan

Just curious what is considered a safe temperature and what other people are getting? The two cards I've got are air cooled in a corsair cc600T case.
Some AMD guy wrote me once that when they reach 95c the GPU bios will downclock the card automatically. Thats why oclHashcat-* automatically stops if they hit 90c.
Burned a nvidia card as it was over 100 C in a hot summer.
Sometimes not rip as not always gpu fail. I would start checking mosfet's under heatspreader for short circuit.
you want to monitor VRM as it gets even hotter than GPU. I noticed when voltage is increased on my hd 5970, VRM gets over 100c where GPU temps are around 90c. 100c on VRM is bad.