Stop auto incrementing
(09-05-2012, 11:32 AM)Rolf Wrote: Yea, but what if you have 1k+ of masks, each of separate length ?
Max len approach sucks.
Either no default increment(like it was be4) or --no-increment would be the viable solution.

A good argument, never though anyone would do so many masks in a row but it make sense if you have identified lots of efficient masks that you want to execute in order.

Any other good arguments? Maybe I will change my mind.
Lebed(a bearded hashcracker from Antichat and IPRO) once published a list of quick and very efficient masks for EGB, and there were like a lot of em.
Well, it was easy to "port" em to pluscat, but the increment thingie kinda made overhead.
Implemented to -plus.

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